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Figure 19 (tt2422). 2D parasternal short axis

Figure 19-22: Diffuse moderate pericardial effusion (pulmonary neoplasia) from different views (there is initial early systolic RA collapse and initial diastolic collapse of the free RV wall).

Figure 23. Pleural and pericardial partially organized effusion as seen from the posterior left hemi-thorax.

Figure 23 (tt2957). Posterior view
Figure 20 (tt2422). 2D apical 4-chamber
Figure 21 (tt2422). 2D parasternal RV long axis
Figure 22 (tt2422). 2D subcostal 4-chamber

Figures 23-24: Severe loculated pericardial effusion, prevalently postero-lateral to the LV. Normal function of the aortic, mitral and tricuspid mechanical valve prosthesis (recent re-intervention for severe tricuspid stenosis and regurgitation in previous aortic and mitral valve replacement). The effusion was subsequently drained with pericardiocentesis.
Figure 25. Moderate to severe loculated pericardial effusion, latero-apical to the LV.

Figure 23 (tt2746). 2D apical 4-chamber
Figure 24 (tt2746). 2D parasternal short axis
Figure 25 (tt2841). 2D apical 4-chamber