Online Calculators for Heart Valve Surgery Indications

Perform online calculations to determine the Class of Recommendation for Heart Valve Interventions according to Guidelines

February 19th, 2022
(updated April 14th, 2022)

These Calculators are based on the recently published European Guidelines for the management of valvular heart disease.
The pages connect to Microsoft OneDrive and thus a stable internet connection is necessary.
By entering the required information in the yellow fields on the left provided in the different pages, the Calculator displays on the right the Class of Recommendations for the surgical indications of the selected valve disease.
Always input first Height and Weight of the patient (to calculate BSA which may be needed by the Calculator).
These Calculators are provided to facilitate the identification of the Class of Recommendation for Heart Valve surgery, but any clinical decision should be based on the evidence published in the latest Guidelines (see above), matched to the individual patient characteristics and expectations, and discussed by the Institution Heart Team.