The JHH Echocardiography Laboratory

Presentation of the Jilin Heart Hospital Echocardiography Laboratory in Changchun (China)

January 13th, 2021
(updated April 14th, 2022)


Echo Lab staff – The Jilin Heart Hospital in Changchun, Jilin Province, China

The Imaging Department was founded with the Jilin Heart Hospital (JHH) in October 2004.

Since then the Echocardiography Laboratory serves outpatients and inpatients from the cardiology and cardiac surgery departments, performing on a daily basis more than 100 transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiograms (the latter both in the echocardiography laboratory and intra-operative), vascular Doppler and stress Dobutamine studies.

The Laboratory uses 6 echocardiography units (Philips Epic7c and IE33, and GE Vivid 95 ultrasound units) and takes advantage for routine diagnostic studies of 3D technology and strain analysis of myocardial mechanics. Portable studies are routinely performed in the ICU and cardiology wards using Philips CX50 portable units, whereas 2 Philips Epic (with 3D technology) and CX50 units are used for transesophageal intraoperative monitoring. The adjoining cardiac CT scan and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging facilities allow routine use of multimodality imaging.

The Laboratory is headed by a European imaging specialist and staff includes 4 local MDs expert in echocardiography and 8 Sonographers trained according to European standards. The Laboratory is fully compliant with the 2014 Standards of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, and routine diagnostic activity deals prevalently with ischemic and valvular heart diseases by working closely together with the cardiac surgical department and cardiac catheterization laboratory. Collaboration with the latter will include in the near future percutaneous closure of the left atrial appendage and TAVI procedures.

The clinical research interests of the Laboratory include analysis of myocardial mechanics using strain analysis, 3D volume reconstructions of the cardiac chambers, and 3D analysis of mitral valve prolapse, although specific research projects by visiting Fellows are welcomed.   Permanent tutorship and teaching are provided during daily diagnostic activities and take also advantage of the live video feeds from the echocardiography units located in the operating rooms, and of an ongoing Echocardiography Course in the adjoining teaching facility.



实验室现有6台超声心动图仪(飞利浦Epic7c、IE33, GE Vivid 95超声仪),利用三维技术及心肌力学应变分析进行常规诊断研究。在重症监护室和心脏内科病房中的检查通常使用飞利浦CX50便携设备进行,而两台飞利浦Epic (带有三维技术)和CX50设备用于经食管超声进行术中监测。与之相邻的心脏CT扫描和心脏磁共振成像设备使得多模成像的日常使用更便捷。


实验室的临床研究方向包括心肌力学应变分析、心腔三维容积重建、二尖瓣脱垂三维分析,也欢迎同仁来访进行特定项目的研究。 日常诊断工作中,有持续进行辅导和教学,并利用位于手术室的超声心动图设备的实时视频以及使用教学设施定期开展的超声心动图课程,进行教学培训。