TT Pericardial Effusion, Localized, Right ventricle
经胸心彩 心包积液,局部,右心室

2D, M-mode and pulsed Doppler identification of the hemodynamic significance of a localized moderate right pericardial effusion


May 25th, 2022
Pages: 1 – 3

Figure 1. 2d apical 4-chamber
Figure 2. 2d subcostal 4-chamber
Figure 3. 2d subcostal, inferior vena cava

Figure 1. 45 year-old male, status 4 days after coronary artery bypass surgery. The left ventricle shows akinesis of the distal half. There is a moderate pericardial effusion lateral to the right ventricle. The right ventricular dimensions and systolic function are normal. The diastolic expansion of the chambers seems impaired. The right atrial wall appears to collapse during the cardiac cycle. The interventricular septum shifts abruptly towards the LV cavity during inspiration (3rd and 4th cardiac cycles).
Figure 2. The diastolic collapse of the lateral right ventricular wall is clearly seen in the subcostal 4-chamber view.
Figure 3. There is no inspiratory collapse of the inferior vena cava during inspiration (estimated right atrial pressure= 16 mmHg).

图1. 45岁男性患者,冠状动脉搭桥手术后4天。左心室远端半部分运动不能。右心室侧壁处中度心包积液。右室尺寸和收缩功能正常。心腔的舒张期扩张疑似受损。右房壁在心动周期中出现塌陷。吸气时(第3和第4个心动周期)室间隔突然向左室腔移位。

图2. 在剑下4腔图中清晰可见右室侧壁舒张期塌陷。 图3. 吸气时无下腔静脉吸气塌陷(估计右房压力= 16 mmHg)。