TT Unicuspid Aortic Valve

Aortic valve disease: severe stenosis of unicuspid aortic valve

March 6, 2021
(updated April 14th, 2022)
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Unicuspid aortic valve 单叶式主动脉瓣

ttc1140) F, 47 y. BSA= 1.34 m2; BMI= 27.6 Kg/m2. Possible unicuspid AV. Massive fibrotic thickening of the AV cusps at 2D imaging (Figs 1-5) in severe AS (Mean gradient= 85 mmHg; Fig. 6) and associated mild AR (Fig. 2). Short axis imaging shows apparent tricuspid valve, but surgeon reports absence of commissures and probable unicuspid valve (Figures 7-8). Figure 9 shows massive fibrotic tissue been removed surgically piece by piece. A mechanical bi-leaflet prosthesis (#16) was implanted.
单叶式主动脉瓣可能。 在重度主动脉瓣狭窄(平均压差= 85 mmHg;图6)的2D图像中,主动脉瓣瓣叶大量纤维化增厚(图1-5),且与轻度主动脉瓣返流相关(图2)。 短轴图像显示出明显的三叶式瓣膜,但医生报告了瓣叶交界缺失,单叶式主动脉瓣可能(图7-8)。图9显示大量纤维化组织通过手术被一片片移除,植入了一个二叶机械人造瓣(#16)。

Figure 1. 2d parasternal long axis AV 图1. 2d胸骨旁长轴主动脉瓣
Figure 2. CD parasternal long axis AV 图2. CD胸骨旁长轴主动脉瓣
Figure 3. 2d parasternal short axis AV 图3. 2d胸骨旁短轴主动脉瓣
Figure 4. 2d apical long axis AV 图4. 2d心尖长轴主动脉瓣