My project is to create, by the end of 2022:

  • a comprehensive Transthoracic / Transesop hageal Echocardiography Atlas
  • side by side with an Echocardiology Course
    to be used by cardiac ultrasound imaging professionals, and in both English and Simplified Chinese.

The Echocardiography Atlas is subdivided into Transthoracic and Transesophageal Atlases. The Imaging Index pages show the topics which will be covered by each Atlas.

On this website you will also find tables with Normal Values for echocardiography, a list of Formulas & Calculations used in the Echo Lab, a guide to Echocardiographic Analysis, a list of essential Guidelines and References, a few pdf of papers I have published in the field, and a brief description of the chinese echocardiography laboratory in which I am presently working.

Hemodynamics 血液动力学

Pulmonary valve regurgitation

3D Imaging

3D mitral valve anatomy (cleft)

Strain Imaging 应变成像

Longitudinal strain imaging

Intracavitary pressure estimation: pulmonary diastolic pressure


Advanced mitral valve anatomy: mitral valve prolapse

二尖瓣高級解剖: 二尖瓣脫垂

Longitudinal strain: global and segmental myocardial function characterization