Website Project

The aim of this website project is to create freely accessible resources for echocardiography operators

March 1st, 2021
(updated April 22, 2022)

My project is to create, by the end of 2022:


  • -一个全面的经胸/经食管超声心动图数据集
  • -同时伴随着一个中英双语的超声课程,可供心脏超声影像专家使用
  • 超声心动图数据集分为经胸和经食管数据集。影像索引页显示各数据集都将涵盖的主题。

The Echocardiography Atlas is subdivided into Transthoracic and Transesophageal Atlases. The Imaging Index pages show the topics which will be covered by each Atlas.

On this website you will also find tables with Normal Values for echocardiography, a list of Formulas & Calculations used in the Echo Lab, a guide to Echocardiographic Analysis, Calculators for echocardiographic formulas and indications for surgery, a list of essential Guidelines and References, a few pdf of papers I have published in the field, and a brief description of the chinese echocardiography laboratory in which I am presently working.