Echocardiographic Analysis & Quantification

Index of Echocardiographic Measurements

February 14th 2021
(updated April 22, 2022)

Structure / Function
Aortic root, M-mode
Aorta, 2D
AV annulus 2D
Arch & descending aorta
Atheromas classification
Aortic valve
Area planimetry
Continuity equation
Flow rate
Valve resistance
Jet width/LVOT ratio
Vena contracta
Aortic diastolic backflow
Regurgitant volume, PISA
Regurgitant volume, stroke volumes
Left atrium
Aortic root systolic excursion
Biplane volume
Left atrial appendage
Area (TE)
Shear rate of blood (TE)
Systolic function (TE)
Mitral valve
Mitral score
Mitral area planimetry, 2D
Mitral area planimetry, 3D
Mean gradient
Area with PHT
Vena contracta
Regurgitant volume, PISA
Regurgitant volume, stroke volumes
LV, morphology
Mitral E-septal separation
Mass index, M-mode
Mass index, 2D
Long/short axis ratio
Sphericity index
Geometry patterns
LV, preload
Biplane volumes
LV, afterload
End-systolic meridional wall stress
LV, systole
Isovolumetric contraction time
Mitral E-septum separation
Systolic excursion of aortic root
Myocardial performance index
Systolic dP/dt
Short axis fractional shortening
Mean velocity of circumferential fibre shortening
Mean systolic ejection rate
Wall thickening
Segmental wall motion
Systolic descent of cardiac base
TDI, systolic waves
Biplane ejection fraction
Stroke volume, DopplerLVOT diam.
LV, diastole
Isovolumetric relaxation time
Mitral B-bump
Rossvol & Hatle Index
TDI, early diastolic wave
RV, systole
Fractional area change
Myocardial performance index
Noninvasive hemodynamics
Right atrial pressure
RV systolic pressure
Pulmonary diastolic pressure
Pulmonary vascular resistances
Left atrial pressure