LV outflow tract diameter measurement 左室流出道直径测量

Figure 图 1 – Figure 图 2

When the left ventricular outflow tract (lvot) diameter is difficult to visualize in the parasternal long axis view, adding color Doppler can help define the septal endocardium just proximal to the aortic valve annulus (Figure 2, green arrow), where lvot diameter has to be measured. In Figure 1, blue systolic velocities in the lvot help the positioning of the caliper (blue cross) on the septal endocardium.

当胸骨旁长轴视图难以显示左室流出道(lvot)直径时,添加彩色多普勒可帮助描绘离主动脉瓣环近端的间隔心内膜(图2,绿色箭头),在此处测量lvot直径。在图1中,lvot内的蓝色收缩速度有助于定位 (蓝色十字)心内膜上标尺的位置

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