Aorta Transthoracic 03 主动脉 经胸超声

Pseudoaneurysm 假性动脉瘤

Fig. 1. 2d parasternal long axis aortic root & aorta 图1. 2d胸骨旁长轴主动脉根及主动脉
Fig. 2. 2d parasternal long axis aortic root & aorta 图2. 2d胸骨旁长轴主动脉根及主动脉

(tt3465) F, 73 y. Aortic valve bioprosthesis and ascending aorta vascular graft (dashed arrow). Pseudo-aneurysm of the aortic wall anterior to the graft (short arrow). There is no dissection in the arch (Fig. 8). AG: aortic vascular graft; AR: aortic root; AVP: AV prosthesis; PsAn: pseudo-aneurysm.
主动脉瓣生物人造瓣及升主动脉人工血管(虚线箭头)。 主动脉壁人工血管前端假性动脉瘤(短箭头)。无主动脉弓夹层(图8)。 AG: 主动脉人工血管; AR: 主动脉根; AVP:主动脉瓣人造瓣; PsAn:假性动脉瘤

Fig. 3. Color Doppler parasternal long axis aortic root & aorta 图3. 彩色多普勒胸骨旁长轴主动脉根及主动脉
Fig. 4. Color Doppler parasternal short axis aorta 图4. 彩色多普勒胸骨旁短轴主动脉

Flow in the graft is seen posterior to the pseudo-aneurysm.

Fig. 5. 2d parasternal long axis aorta 图5. 2d胸骨旁长轴主动脉
Fig. 6. 2d parasternal long axis aorta 图6. 2d胸骨旁长轴主动脉

Fig. 7. Color Doppler parasternal long axis aorta 图7. 彩色多普勒胸骨旁长轴主动脉
Fig. 8. Color Doppler jugular view long axis aorta 图8. 彩色多普勒颈动脉长轴主动脉
Fig. 9. 2d apical 5-chamber 图9. 2d心尖5腔图
Fig. 10. 2d apical 5-chamber 图10. 2d心尖5腔图