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Figure 5: 2d esophageal long axis 图5: 2d食道长轴
Figure 6: Color Doppler esophageal long axis 图6: 彩色多普勒食道长轴
Figure 7: Color Doppler esophageal short axis 图7: 彩色多普勒食道短轴
Figure 8: 2d & Color Doppler esophageal short axis 图8: 2d及彩色多普勒食道短轴
Figure 9: 2d esophageal short axis 图9: 2d食道短轴

(te0373) F, 68 y.
Type A acute aortic dissection between the ostium of the right coronary artery (Fig. 3-7) and the origin of the brachiocephalic trunk (Fig. 8-9). There are associated mild pericardial effusion lateral to the RV (Fig. 1), and moderate aortic regurgitation (Fig. 2). Outlet foramen of dissection at the level of the arch (Fig. 9). See also transthoracic imaging (tt2732).
位于右冠状动脉开口(图3-7)与头臂干起始点(图8-9)之间的A型急性升主动脉夹层。与之相关的有右室侧壁处轻度心包积液(图1),中度主动脉瓣返流 (图2)。夹层流出孔在主动脉弓水平 (图9)。亦可见于经胸彩超图像 (tt2732)